International Basic Neurosurgery Course (IBNC)

Term II, Course IV, “Neurovascular Surgery”
 March 6-10,2019  Bellis Deluxe Hotel, Antalya, Turkey

Best 3 abstracts will be chosen for student lecture by the refrees
(Further details about student lecture abstract submission will be announced at our website)


Dear Colleagues,

We are delighted to invite you to IBNC 2019 – Term II – Course 4 which is going to be held in Antalya, Turkey in 6-10 March 2019.
The course topic will be ‘Neurovascular Surgery’ and a variety of activities such as lectures from experienced neurosurgeons, student lectures, interactive discussions, case discussions and workshops will be included.
‘How I do it?’ sessions are added to the scientific programme this year and you will have the opportunity to watch amazing surgical videos from the experienced neurosurgeons.
At the first day of the course a joint session with the WFNS will be held also.
IBNC is unique in the field of Neurosurgery since Turkish Neurosurgical Society offers scholarships covering registration-accomodation and social events for the majority of the students from all around the world.
IBNC has evolved into a more than just a scientific course in 7 years and today it has grown to be a big family.
Our top goals are providing the neurosurgeons of the future with networking opportunities, continous education via social media and strong friendship between them.
We invite you to be a part of this strong, precious and friendly Neurosurgical Unique Organization and also experience delicious atmosphere of Antalya.

Best Regards,

Hakan Emmez